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Elite Recruitment

Elite Recruitment

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Let us tell your story. We are a top resource for college coaches to find the players that best fit their programs. Follow our 4-step guide to committing to a university.

1. evaluation

​Meet with Shane or Durval to create your customized academic and athletic profile. From here, we will discuss your personal, family, and financial goals. We will also walk you through the steps of starting the recruiting process.

2. Consultation

In this portion, we will begin to work on your marketing strategy with you. We will discuss creating a highlight video, emailing coaches, and creating a list of potential schools we will contact for you.

3. Marketing

In this stage, we will begin emailing coaches on your behalf and preparing you to talk with coaches directly. Our professionals will be with you every step of the way, also participating in conversations that you have with coaches.

4. Commitment

​All your preparations have led you to the final stretch, committing to your next school! We will assist you with finalizing the process, including signing your NLI, contacting other coaches about your decision, and anything else you need.

At XG Sports, we provide our athletes with the best probability of reaching their complete sporting goals. Our commitment is to provide our athletes with opportunities in the American university system. We work with our athletes to provide assessment, support, management, performance analytics, and career services to help our athletes reach their full potential.

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